My life philosophy is: Have Fun. Create Value. Change Lives.
A simple, and very effective philosophy that I incorporate into everything I do;  This ensures that I am always following my true passion, creating value with my efforts and then enabling others through my actions.
It’s amazing how often I need to keep reminding myself of this!

It can be exhausting and often just down right tough trying to turn your ideas into something tangible and real in the world, and sometimes a simple reminder can be most effective. And this philosophy serves as that reminder.
I also find that when applying this philosophy, and in the order it reads i.e. Having Fun, Creating Value and then Changing Lives I am most effective and the greatest results are achieved.
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Have Fun

Following my heart and true passion creates an environment composed of enjoyment, contentment and seemingly perpetual energy reserves from which I can tap into to fuel my actions and efforts. Many people have the misconception that fun cannot be applied to the workspace or hinders the professionalism of your actions. I really don’t understand this logic. If you are having fun, and hence enjoying what you are doing, without the resistance of going against what drives you as an individual, your efforts become far more effective and the energy required to do so is reduced. This is critical for me, especially with my entrepreneurial endeavors as the physical, mental and emotional energy required to push through the difficult times can be extremely taxing on the body and mind. In my honest opinion, if you aren’t being true to yourself and following your passion it is practically impossible to succeed in the long-term to the best of your ability.[/tab] [tab]
Create Value

Ideas and opinions. The best thing about them is that everyone has them. However, it is the actions implemented around these that bare any significance. And it is with this in mind that I do my best to action on my ideas and thoughts coupled with the intention of creating tangible value from my efforts. How do you gauge ‘value’? This is always a tough question to answer, and unfortunately my answer is still very subjective and will likely change as I learn more. It is directly affected by my own decision on what ‘value’ is. For me, value is creating positive progress around the social, environmental and economic aspects of my endeavors and efforts. If I am not creating value, and hence creating tangible positive impact from what I do, I am failing and need to address the shortfall of my efforts. I apply great emphasis on sustainable business models behind my efforts. This is directly applied to starting and implementing initiatives/companies that have sustainable business models at their core. Built from structures that will allow them to function effectively and this effectiveness can be sustained over time. This is clearly evident in the innovation and ‘positive good’ space I operate in, where it is often the case that people haven’t thought long and hard to innovate and develop sustainable business models around their ideas! All ideas can have sustainable business models, we just need to find the model that works best![/tab] [tab]
Change Lives

I have been fortunate enough to have gone through key learnings fairly early in life, and subsequently gained skills, networks and the capacity for me to pursue my own endeavors.
But this fortuitous position presents a great opportunity to leverage my learning’s, experiences and network to enable others and help facilitate their own goals and aspirations..with the greater goal of developing entrepreneurship and innovation for a better future.
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