Justin Beswick

I studied a BSc in Biotechnology, followed by Honours in Financial Analysis & Portfolio management at the University of Cape Town. At heart an entrepreneur, I completed my studies in parallel to founding and running business ventures.
Through my entrepreneurial endeavours I have gained experience in fundraising (both local and international), launching and growing the companies through the various business lifecycles and leading  interdisciplinary teams to drive these high-impact ventures to the market.
Having been through the various learnings (from failures and successes) as well as gaining insights from both sides of the investor table: as an entrepreneur and co-ordinating a technology incubator. Icontinues to follow his undying passion of helping others by sharing these key learnings to assist and enable other entrepreneurs who embark on their own journey.
Beyond my direct business interests, I am actively involved in growing communities that foster entrepreneurial mind-sets, skills and idea sharing that lead to action. I do so by channelling my time and efforts as a World Economic Forum Global Shaper, curator of TEDxCapeTown and through the Sandbox-network HQ.
When not involved with work related projects you will find me immersed in nature or pushing my body to the limits as I train up for my next endurance race.

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1 comment on “Justin Beswick”

  1. Amanda Hui Reply

    Hi Justin,
    I am Amanda Hui, a senior at Wellesley College (Boston, USA), originally from Hong Kong and Canada. I am in the process of applying for the Watson Fellowship, which provides a one year (August 2015-August 2016) grant for college graduates to conduct an independent study while traveling outside the United States.

    My proposed project is to look at how TEDx or similar platform for exchange of ideas engages the community and the impact of such event. I helped organize TEDxBeijing 2013 and TEDxWellesleyCollege 2014, which is the first TEDx conference at my school. I am also very passionate about development and I would love to learn about how platforms like TEDx helps with the development in rural areas.

    I found this website from the TEDx organizers information am very interested in learning more from you and your community. My proposal requires that we reach out to potential places we would like to visit. Should I receive the fellowship, I would love to come and learn from your experience organizing TEDx. I do realize that the year of 2015/2016 is quite far ahead that you might not have the a set date for any TEDx events yet. However, this is a tentative suggestion. It will be great if I could come a month prior to the event to participate in the organizing effort, and stay behind after to conduct follow up interviews/ projects with the audience and the organizing team. I am currently in touch with the organizer of TEDxSeeds in Tokyo, Japan and Felip Spath, organizer of TEDx in many rural Colombia communities.

    Please let me know if this is even feasible. It will be great if you know of other TEDx/ similar locally organized conference organizers who might be interested in having me for a month or two, especially in rural communities and/or developing countries. It can be anywhere around the world.

    Here is a link to the Watson Fellowship: http://www.watsonfellowship.org/site/what/what.html

    Thanks you so much for reading through this long email. I look forward to hearing from you.


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