I finally found a way of getting around Polar, and it’s actually quite simple – the hard part is locating the hrm files as they are hidden from standard search on Windows PC. (I’m using Windows 7).

Follow these steps:

  1. Locate the hrm files on your pc

    1. c:/Users/Public/Polar ProTrainer/
  2. copy ONLY hrm files and paste them into a new folder you can easily find e.g. new folder on desktop (I’m not sure about the .pdd files, they’re very small but not sure what data they’re holding0
  3. Open up Training Peak Device Agent
  4. Highlight all hrm files in the new folder you created and drag across to Training Peak Device Agent
  5. Click ‘save’
  6. Your Polar hrm files should now be successfully imported into Training Peaks 🙂
And if you’re wanting to transfer data from Polar Protrainer 5 to web (polarpersonaltrainer) someone’s created a java app for to do this: Click here

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