When founding and running a startup, you find yourself bootstrapping all resources and putting out fires that ignite

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at the worst conceivable moment. As well as playing several roles within the company, with each having a non-exhaustive list of things to do and places to be..It soon becomes an area of ‘controlled’ chaos and you learn to roll with the punches as things develop, and you take on the next day with the expectation that something catastrophic will pop up – and relish the days where this occurrence is broken! However, it is ever so easy to get caught up in the chaotic nature of things. And sometimes it is best to just take one step back, zoom out and assess the situation. In order to do this best, other components of your life should be in order, from hobbies/interests to relationships with others. For me, sport is one of these critical components..and here is why I dedicate so much value to my sport: There is a close relationship as to why I do sport and how I conduct myself in the sports environment to that of business. In both areas, I set goals that ensure that I push myself to the absolute limit, and then continue to push that limit further. Training requires determination, commitment and structure. And if I can achieve this in one aspect of my life, so can I in all the others. By embodying the principles I use in sport, I ensure that my days are productive and efficient. Further to this, being prepared and more energized than most gives me an advantage; for instance, early morning training means that the night before, I plan the day ahead and training gets done and out the way before the city wakes up. The mind is fresh and the body awake, this allows me to get important emails out before others have even walked into their offices. Try this out, you will see how it just opens up your day and you end up with hours you never knew existed! I make sure the challenges I set myself are far beyond the capabilities of the average individual, and above that of fellow athletes. It reinforces my self-belief/confidence in being able to achieve difficult goals and challenges I set myself. I realized this, this year. Beforehand I was benefiting from achieving these goals without understanding their impact on my own interpretation and perspective of life. Sport also allows me to get into nature and away from mainstream activities and structures that have been carved out by the status quo. Nature allows the mind to run wild, ideas flourish and epiphanies generated. and these can all be translated onto natures open canvas. And lastly, the fundamentals of endurance sport epitomise entrepreneurship for me: It keeps u honest, there are no shortcuts, it requires hard work, dedication and focus with an ultimate reward at the end.

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