Leaders are found everywhere, and they play a fundamental role in society. This is part of human nature, and it will always be a component of life. I take the view that leadership is significant in all facets of society. I also believe that financial wellbeing should not reflect who leads well and who does not. Rather, it should be judged on the impact that particular person (or initiative) has on society, and what they are trying to achieve with this impact.

Leaders can be identified fairly easily in society using conventional screening methods. However, what intrigues me is the leadership roles that must be played by high-impact individuals – whose actions resonate within the larger populous and the magnitude of their impact on society is (or has the potential to be) immense. These individuals, I believe, are essential for tackling the larger issues facing society and implementing tangible large-scale change. And large-scale change is essential!

A high-impact leader should embody the following traits/characteristics:

  • They understand that they serve a critical role to society and progression of mankind, and their great influence is accompanied by great responsibility.
  • They should aspire to act in a manner that will result in the best outcome for society as a whole, and not exclusive to a closed circle of associates.
  • They need to be conscious on the context of their leadership, and always listen to other’s opinions and be open to possibilities they present.
  • They must take cognisance that others are looking up to them to challenge the status quo and they must continually lead the way into uncharted waters.

My curiosity in biotechnology and the IT industry has influenced my perception of how society needs to change, and I intend to help lead this transition. The industrial revolution and the advent of consumerism have lead society along a precarious journey, one that is finite. Society should be living in a more sustainable manner, and take key lessons from nature. Form meets function: synergies and balance need to be met.
Leadership needs to correct our misguided path.
With the proliferation of the internet, knowledge-asymmetry is lessoning as information is becoming more readily available and easier to share. Further to this, a global audience can be reached and the leaders driving society forward must acknowledge these new tools and the leverage they offer in order to realise real transformation.

Leaders are found everywhere, and they play a fundamental role in society. High-impact leaders exist, and they play a critical role in the progression of our society.

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