Original post from: blog.rogernorton.co.za I worked for 4 years as an engineer maintaining the systems on Superyachts. (Large luxury private yachts.) It was a great life style and I learnt many things while travelling. The one thing that is very unique to the job was the close proximity to billionaires. Here are some of the things that I picked up form being around them… 1) You can become a billionaire in any area. The range of jobs of the people that I worked for was astounding. One guy mad his money in aviation law, only to double it when he started a fast food chain

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(Quiznos) with his son. Another guy was the largest fishing magnet in Canada, another the largest provider in student loans in the US, another in Mining… The list goes on. Large amounts of money can be made in any field. 2) Anyone can be a billionaire. Most of the guys I worked for were self made. One middle class 17year old made his first million playing the stock market, starting with only $20k that he gathered from family members. Another started unpacking frozen fish from the back of a truck that supplied fish shops. He went on to buy a couple of the trucks, then a couple of the shops, then the trucking company, then some warehouses, then some boats, etc, as he slowly built up his fortune. It doesn’t matter what social status you start as, it depends more on the type of person you are… 3) It takes a certain type of person. Becoming really rich depends more on who you are being than what you are doing. There are certain characteristics that successful people share. Although these actions are only evident in their actions, it goes much deeper then that. Successful peoples actions stem from who the person is, in all circumstances. Be it the way they approach budgets, speak to people on the phone, or chat about sport, they all have certain ways of being, like a deep critical thinking mind looking at all possibilities and often challenging assumptions. 4) Having loads of money doesn’t change you, it just lets you be more you. The thing about loads of money is that it lets you do whatever you want. It doesn’t force you to do things that you don’t want, that only comes with a lack of money. By having plenty of money people can really do exactly what they want, and be whoever they want to be. It lets the “real you” come out without having to subscribe to the norms of society. 5) All rich people have enemies. My one boss was convinced that somewhere there was a warehouse of people scheming to screw him over. That every move against him was calculated and in some way linked to other events… He used to say this with a smile on his face as it was more likely just other people trying to make their own money and do what he had to do to get to the top. On your way up you are going to step on people and to get your share, it often means taking bits from another’s opportunity. Another interesting thing I noted was the relationship status of the billionaires. They were all kinds, one guys had had 7 kids from 6 wives and when I joined he was dating a 22 year old and 6 months later he was engaged to another 38 year old. Another boss had never been married, another was happily married for 30 years, another had an ex-wife with a kid and a girlfriend of 2 years. As you can see there is no set rule, it is possible that rich people have more issues, but as in point 4, it depends on who you are. Plenty of very rich people are happily married, plenty are not. There are plenty of sacrifices that you will need to make along the path to massive wealth. My only question is: “Are you willing to be what it takes?” Article by: Roger Norton My thoughts: “Nice and brief post which highlights interesting facets of the personalities behind the wealth. It’s what you are BEING not DOING – ever so powerful! I do think that one of the biggest challenges facing successful businessmen is achieving that same success in your household. (Very subjective, depending on your priorities, but something I am certainly aware of)”.

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